Fire Prevention

1. Where is our family emergency meeting place? (Where does your family meet outside?)

2. In a fire, "Get out, Stay out!" never go back inside for anyone or anything!

3. What is an emergency? Never fear calling, false alarms are ok. Sooner is always better!
4. How do I call 911?
5. What do I say when I am on the phone?
6. Stay Calm, Give Information and answer questions so 911 can send the right help!

7. What is my address?

8. Smoke detector goes off, get out, stay out and call 911 as soon as possible. 
9. Know 2 ways out of your bedroom!
10. Clothes on fire - Stop, cover face and hands, drop and roll.
11. Never hide during an emergency. Emergency workers are there to help you! We are not there to get you in trouble or hurt you!
12. Practice home fire drills (opening windows, stop drop and roll and calling 911) 

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