2018 Statistics

Perry Township Fire Department responded to 1,014 calls for service. 

We responded to 39 calls classified as a fire, 725 EMS calls, 250 other calls for service. 

Perry Township Fire Department would like to wish each and everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

With the Holiday season in full swing and everyone putting up their decorations we would like to remind everyone of the hazards to be mindful of during this time of year. 

We have provided some holiday safety materials for you to review to make sure that you are safe this holiday season. 

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Perry Township Fire Department is an Official Drop Off Collection Site for Toys For Tots:

Drop off any New Toy at our Station

2018 Veterans Food Pantry Benefit Results:

$744 Raised for the Veterans Food Pantry Located in Lima, Ohio

Online Auction Winners:

Light from Bailey's Equipment: Aaron Ream

Yeti Cooler from Big R: Luke Nemire

Corn Hole Boards from Veterans Food Pantry: Candace Sorenson

Full Spectrum Massage: Aaron Ream

Autographed T-Shirt from Full Metal Jacket: Brooke Hedges

Raffle Ticket Winners:

Crock Pot: Tammy Reynolds

2in Knife: Ben Hedges

6in Pocket Knife: Jeff Starr

LED Flashlight: Mike Mull

Fish and Game Process Set: Tricia Rader


Members of the Perry Township Fire Department came together for our Annual Auxiliary Christmas Party. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Members and Officers of your Perry Township Fire Department!

If you are deep frying a turkey, make sure that it is thawed.
Make sure that you don't overfill the oil. 
Keep away from other structures.

Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky. Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

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Perry Township Fire Department Members and Officers want to express their heartfelt gratitude and thanks to those members and officers who have gave of themselves to the armed forces and we recognize them this Veterans Day. 

Inspector Ken Lucas

Lieutenant Kevin Rader

Curt Yetman

Candance Sorenson

TJ Myers

Steve Freed

11/3/2018 - Today members of the department completed training for Grain Bin Rescue. 

Courtesy of the State Fire Marshal and Ohio Fire Academy.


The vast majority of grain accidents involve attempts to dislodge crusted grain. In most cases, the farmer is alone, without a rope or harness, and nothing to grab as the descent begins. Extraction can take hours or days if a body is stuck at the bottom of a 50,000-bu. bin.

Despite mounting awareness campaigns, grain bin accidents continue, with 2010 ranking as the most hazardous year on record, according to Purdue University: 59 entrapment's and 26 deaths. There were 33 entrapment's and 13 deaths in 2013, and 38 entrapment's and 17 deaths in 2014

More than 900 cases of grain engulfment have been reported with a fatality rate of 62% in the past 50 years.

Best Practices: 

Stay out of the bin

Never enter alone

Never enter untrained

Follow Entry Permits

Keep out of the point of operation

Secure lifelines properly

Emergency Preparedness

Thank you to those who bid on the auction,
and purchased raffle tickets.

Winners have been notified.

We raised and donated $ 1,030 to the Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio. 

Raffle Winners:

Crock-pot - Rob Dunlap

2 inch Pocket Knife - Ben Hedges

6 inch Pocket Knife - Aaron Ream

LED Flashlight - Debra Grant

Fish & Game Process Set - Jeff Star

Online Auction Winners:

Light from Baileys Equipment - Brooke Hedges

Yeti Can Koozy from Big R - Candace Sorenson

Kyack from Big R - Brian Bailey

Perry Township Fire Department is having a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

We will be wearing pink on duty all month. 

We’re also having a raffle of items, and an auction on Facebook for items donated by our friends at Big R and Brian Bailey at Bailey Equipment and Apparel. 

List of items and auctions to are on our facebook page


Find your nearest PTFD firefighter or stop by the station to enter into the raffle. Tickets are $5. 

All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Ladder Testing Day: We test our ladders annually to ensure the safety of the ladders for their use by our firefighters and proper operation for deployment on emergency incidents. 

We tested 17 ladders for their safety and proper operation. 

Thank you to Perry Local Schools for allowing us to visit and teach everyone about Fire Prevention and Safety. 

If you have any questions, Please contact us!!!

Fall Hydrant Checks

During the month of October the members of the Perry Township Fire Department will be completing maintenance on our 245 hydrants in Perry Township. This helps in making sure all of our hydrants are clear of debris and fully operational for when emergencies arise. If you see us out and about this Fall working in the community do not hesitate to visit with our members!

Thank You for your Support at the first annual Perry Township Community Day!!!

Extrication Training


 Members were able to practice our skills of extricating someone who is trapped in a motor vehicle accident. It's rare for us to be able to utilize these tools in a controlled environment. 

Thank you goes out to Perry's Auto Wrecking and 

Firefighter TJ Myers for the donations of vehicles. 

Without donations like this, these training's would not be possible. 

Serving Our Community

The Perry Township Fire Department is currently a combination department of full-time, part-time and paid per call staff. Our station is manned 24/7 with one full-time Firefighter/Paramedic, whom is partnered with one EMT. A second Firefighter Paramedic is on staff from 8 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday to assist the Fire Chief with office work and be a second responder when necessary. Our paid per call staff is called upon to cover any motor vehicle accidents or fire calls. They also are called upon if we should receive a second EMS call while the manned ambulance is on another assignment. We have a total roster of about 50 members with different training levels, both Fire and EMS.

The Perry Township Fire Department participates and hosts many trainings to further and refresh the training levels of our members. We participate in annual Hazmat Technician, CPR, and Emergency Vehicle Operations courses. All our Paramedics are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Life Support. We participate in continuing education for firefighting, EMS, Fire Investigation, Fire Inspection, Confine Space Training and Grain Bin Rescue. We also monitor the physical capabilities of our members to do standard firefighting tasks through our annual fire agility test. We strive to keep our skills at the highest to serve our Township Residents.

Our department has come a long way since it was started in 1953 as the Perry Township Fire Association with one engine only providing fire protection services to the Township. In 1998, the Fire Association was dissolved and the Perry Township Fire Department was created being managed by the Perry Township Board of Trustees. We currently have 2 Ambulances, 2 Engines, 1 Tanker, a ladder truck, a Grass truck and 1 Command Vehicle.


Justin Roberts

Fire Chief

I am dedicated to providing the best service to the residents of Perry Township and all visitors who pass through. It is my goal to continue the growth and success of the department that my predecessors have set in the previous years. Thank you for your continued support and GO Commodores! 

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